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The email above doesn't function right now. If necessary you should send a DM to @r3df0x.

30-54 is a gun-friendly Mastodon social network.

The @administrator account is a separate account I made that I can post official announcements from. @r3df0x is also an administrator but I made @administrator so I can include it as a default follow without having all new users follow me by default. I suggest that everyone follow it so they can be up-to-date.


  • No incitement of illegal action
  • No promotion of off-site content without contributions or your own content. Please see the sponsorship and promotion policy for more information.
  • All users should generally post firearm related in some way. Personal use is acceptable but use of the platform should stick within its purpose. See the off-topic use policy for more information.
  • Content that is exceptionally hateful or exclusionary may be removed and in extreme cases users may be banned. Please see the free speech policy for more information
  • Use of multiple accounts is permitted as long as it is in good faith.
  • Usernames must not be misleading. Please see the username policy for more information.
  • Promoting brigades or dogpiling is not allowed. If you call out or draw attention to anyone with a smaller online following then you, then you must censor all information that could identify them such as usernames. The same applies to online communities. Please see the brigading and dogpiling policy for more information.
  • Any user who generates negative attention or who stirs the pot to cause trouble may be banned.
  • In keeping with the rule against stirring the pot, all complaints discussed with moderators must be sent in direct messages only. Any public messages complaining about a user will be deleted.
  • Users who persistently engage in hoplophobia without demonstrating a willingness to learn will be marked as sensitive.
  • Users who consistently rely on racist or *phobic humor will be marked as sensitive and eventually have their posts restricted to followers only. They may be banned as a final step.
  • Free speech

    To the maximum extent possible, I will allow the community to regulate itself and encourage self moderation though actions such as blocking or choosing who to follow. I don't want to intervene to remove content or ban users if at all possible. The unfortunate reality is that allowing a toxic cesspool to fester would be counterproductive to the goal of this platform and any hateful content would most likely be off-topic anyway.

    To the extent possible, I will try to limit objectionable content rather then deleting it or banning users.

    Users should worry about being banned for jokes or giving their opinion. I will work with them if possible and let them know if anything they post is objectionable while allowing them to be as unrestricted as possible.

    There is no ideological purity test to contribute

    Within reason. Blatant racism and bigotry will not be allowed but I'm leaning toward passive removal of such content rather then banning anyone except in the cases of obvious trolls.

    Aside from extreme cases, I welcome people of all different political backgrounds and lifestyles, including people who may be anti-gun. With that said, no one is entitled to an audience and I encourage self moderation where users block anyone whose posts they don't want to see. If you post provocative content or are anti-gun and especially if you aren't open to changing your opinion, don't expect to have an audience.

    Moderation actions

    To the maximum extent possible, I will avoid banning users. The primary form of moderation will be left up to individual users to block any users they have trouble with. When this is not effective I will step in.

    These are the actions I will take in order how likely I will use them:

  • Marking posts as sensitive - For minor violation
  • Deleting posts - I will try to avoid this if possible.
  • Marking entire accounts as sensitive - All the user's posts will be automatically marked as sensitive. This will be done for users who display a regular habit of posting objectionable material.
  • Restricting post accessibility to followers - If a user shows a history of unacceptable behavior then their account will be restricted so only followers will see their posts.
  • Suspending accounts - If a user engages in particularly vile conduct or shows that their presence is or likely will be disruptive to the community, they will removed.
  • Usernames

    Usernames must not mislead users. They should not claim to represent an administrator or other authority or give the appearance of such authority. Usernames also must not impersonate other users. Two users may in good faith share the same display name.

    If your username was stolen or hijacked before you created an account, you can send a DM to @r3df0x explaining the situation. Usernames may be usurped on a case by case basis.

    Sponsorships and promotions

    Users are permitted to promote their own off-site content or to promote or advertise for others for hire or mutual promotion so long as they contribute their own content to the site. If you are actively creating engaging content on the platform, you can give shout-outs to people or products that sponsor or promote you, but your content doesn't generate engagement or most of your content is promotion then such promotion will be considered spam. Links to your own content off the platform follow a similar rule.

    Other websites have a 1 in 10 policy where 10% of a user's content can be self promotion. I don't have a strict rule like that, but only a minority of your content should be promotion.

    Brigading and dogpiling

    All users are strongly advised to remove any identifying information from screenshots if they are potentially calling negative attention to someone. Screenshots are preferred to links. This policy does not apply to public figures or anyone with a large online following. Intentionally provoking brigading or dogpiling is never allowed.

    Off-topic use

    This platform may freely be used for discussion of non firearm related content but it is advised that they contribute in some way to the purpose of the platform. I don't have any plans to ban users or remove content but I'd like to keep within the intent of the platform if possible.

    Users should feel free to post about anything they want that they would discuss normally on any other Twitter-style site but I prefer that post on-topic content as well.

    Get added as a default follow

    Certain users may be added as default follows for new users if they have a lot of followers or have a lot of engagement with their posts. I will add default follows automatically but if you feel that you qualify you can send a message to @r3df0x.